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Server Implementation problem??

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Server Implementation problem??

I'm a technician for an IT company that has redeployed the OS on a customer's Dell PE1800.  Each individual is currently using ACT 2000 and was storing a database file locally on their individual machines.  I have worked with a few database software programs before and explained to the customer that they could run the executable locally and have one database file shared on the server that all could access and update (or so I thought).  I migrated the largest .dbf file on to the server and allowed proper secures and permissions.  ACT on the individual machines is telling me that the .dbf file on the server isn't a proper .dbf file and that I would need to convert it through the wizard.  The wizard stores a file of the same name locally but afterwards shows that the file is completely empty.  The user that the .dbf file came from has no problem accessing the file and opening through the mapped network drive on the domain.


The paths on the shortcut to the executable look like this:


Target:  "C:\Program Files\Symantec\ACT\act.exe" G:\act\Earl.dbf

Start in:  "C:\Program Files\Symantec\ACT


Where G:\ is the mapped network drive to the shared folder on the server. 


   Is there something in this version of ACT that is dis-allowing the .dbf files to be accessed by multiple users attatched to the domain?



Help Please!



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Re: Server Implementation problem??

The ACT! 2000 database is composed of 21 interconnected files. The DBF file represents only one of the database tables.
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