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Sending Email

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Sending Email

I have 6.0 and I am trying to send a mass email to my current Look Up but not all of them have email addresses listed. Act won't let me sort by email, is there a way that I can delete all the clients who do not have emails listed from my current Look Up?
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Re: Sending Email

The E-mail "field" that you see in the layout is not a field in the main database table but rather a portal to the separate E-mail table. That is why E-mail is not available as a data type and why you can't sort by e-mail address or use E-mail in the duplicate checking. The E-mail table can hold more than one E-mail address for a user but only the default address can be used for addressing an e-mail message.


ACT! 7 and later handles email addresses different. 


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Re: Sending Email

Lookup | E-mail Address | Select 'Empty Field'

Run the Lookup then use Edit Replace and choose a spare field, for instance 'User 6' to use as a flag for all records that do not have an email address.

To do so replace User 6 content in the Lookup with characters 'No Email'  for instance. Run the Replace on thr Lookup.

Now you have flagged all the records that do not have an email address. You can use this field in the Contact List view to sort by. You may need to add the User 6 field into the Contact Lis, to do so right click on column header, 'Add Columns to View...'.

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Re: Sending Email

ACT! 6.0 will also fall over if any of the addresses have bad email data.


If you want to do this without worrying about those things, have a look at the trial of MergeMaster!