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Re: Transferring databases between computers

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Re: Transferring databases between computers

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I am usng Act 6(on a Windows XP Prefessional system) and recently tried to transfer an ACT database that I had customized(from one of the standard ACT layouts) and have been using for many years. I loaded the new computer with the Act program from my original installation CD

and then assumed that I could copy my database file over complete with my customized layout and all data in the right fields. I assumed that ACT would simply recognize the file as an ACT database file and open it up. It didn't and without remapping(recreating the data base layout) all the data went to unspecified fields. I then tried to copy the layout across but it was too big for the new laptops screen resolution and many of the fields were cutoff - do I need to alter the file layout properties too?

Any assistance or leads to where I look for proper procedure would be helpful(export, backup, syncronization?).



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Re: Transferring databases between computers

My guess is that you only copied the DBF file and that is only part of the database. The database itself is 26 files and that does not include the layout file. What you needed to do was backup the database on the old computer and restore it on the new computer.
Roy Laudenslager
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