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Re: Changing Record Manager

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Re: Changing Record Manager

Hi -


This is Ed in Cincinnati, OH.


I have been reading your posts in an effort to solve a weird problem with my ACT! 6 - yes, I know it's old. So am I!


Suddenly, "My Record" does not apply to me, but apparently to a rarely used contact in my database.

In "Define Users" this contact is shown as administrator and I am not listed.


I tried to select my entry as an administrator, but ACT! tells me my entry is already an administrator - but I'm not on the list.


Also, all Notes/History have disappeared.


I've tried a bunch of potential solutions including reindexing, but the process ends in less than a minute and there are no changes apparent.


I notice that there is a lot of mention of "log in" pertsaining to potential fixes..  This is something I have never done and can't figure out how to do it from any of the Google searches or the ACT! 6 instruction books I have available. There is nothing in the ACT! 6 help file that tells me how to "log on".


Can you tell me how to "log on" as that might help solved the proble.


Any other ideas or suggestions wiould be greatly apprecuiated.


Frustrated in Cincinnati - Ed



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Re: Changing Record Manager

Hello Ed,

Welcome to the ACT! Online Community!


You should be able to correct this by simply overwriting the contact information in the 'My Record' record.  To ensure you are on the correct record, go to Lookup > select My Record.  Before updating the information you will want to do 2 things: 1. Backup your database, and 2. create a new contact into which you will enter the data from the 'little used contact' (you can use the Contact > Duplicate Contact option for this).

Greg Martin