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Outlook 2010 problems using Act 6.0

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Outlook 2010 problems using Act 6.0

Quick rundown. We're using:

Windows 7 32 bit
Act 6.0
Outlook 2010
Intel i5 3.2 ghz processor
The error message we're receiving via act is: 
"Microsoft Outlook cannot sign or encrypt this message because there are no certificates which can be used to send from the e-mail address "". Either get a new digital ID to use with this account, or use the Accounts button to send the message using an account that you have certificates for."


I went to the trust settings in outlook, and to the best of my ability I set up a digital ID & certificate via Commodo, which was one of the options Outlook suggested (the free one!). Now when I go to send an Email in ACT (after a restart, yadda yadda) it gives me the same message, even though I THINK I did everything correctly with the digital ID.


I need to know whether this is something that can not be fixed, as a lot of the other issues with ACT/Email that I've encountered are... If so, I'll just cut my losses. If it's not that, it means I've made some sort of a mistake with my encryption/authentication/digital ID/certificate and I'm not sure where I went wrong. Any help, guidance, or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks so much!


-Dustin Orcutt

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Re: Outlook 2010 problems using Act 6.0

ACT! 6 isn't rliable with Windows 7 and can't work with any version of Office after Office 2003. You need to upgrade to ACT! 2013.

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Re: Outlook 2010 problems using Act 6.0

Boy is that disappointing to hear. I'd recently spoken with an ACT consultant who told me to buy Outlook 2013, which ended up not working for the same basic reasons. He then said to downgrade to 2010, saying it'd solve the problem. I suppose not.

It's strange though because when I try to open Outlook 2013 via ACT, the email client crashes followed by an Error box popping up. In Outlook 2010, there is no crash but it saves the Email to my outbox without sending. At that point I can go into the standalone Outlook (not via ACT) and then send each Email from there. So Outlook and ACT are definitely communicating in some way. How can there be no way to get over that last hurdle? This is endlessly frustrating.


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Re: Outlook 2010 problems using Act 6.0

run this past your "ACT Consultant"  no one doing this for a living would tell you this and stay in business.  What you are sugesting doesn't work.


ACT 6 is 10 years old and was never intended to work with Office 2010 or win 7.


It won't work.

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Re: Outlook 2010 problems using Act 6.0

why would they make act work with an 11 year old version?

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