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New Fields not showing up in Layout Designer

Nickel Elite Contributor
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Country: USA

New Fields not showing up in Layout Designer

I'm adding fields to an ACT 6 db - character, numeric, date, etc.  Occassionally some of the fields will not show up after Defining Fields.  It's happened with Character fields and Date fields so far.


Thanks for any help...

Richard Brust
ACT! Certified Consultant
Platinum Elite Contributor
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Country: USA

Re: New Fields not showing up in Layout Designer

The reason you aren't seeing the fields are because they are already added to the layout and the field is possible off the portion of the screen you are viewing. This happens when fields are added to the database and added to the layout and then later deleted from the database without removing them from the layout. ACT! 6 numbered each field sequentially and when a field was added the lowest numeric field number was used to identify the field. They field number, not the field name, is the link to the field in the layout.
Roy Laudenslager
Retired ACT! Certified Consultant
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