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Networking Act 6.0

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Networking Act 6.0

I currently have Act 6.0 networked on 2 stations, but the program runs very slow when the other computer is running the application simultaneously. I have suffered through this for years.  What can I do to fix this problem?
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Re: Networking Act 6.0

I would need more information to make a guess. The problem could be the hardware or the database itself.
Roy Laudenslager
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Re: Networking Act 6.0

We are running on Windows XP-the database is rather larger, running on a server.  Does this help? I heard from large businesses that use Act that it is slow in a multiuser environment.

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Re: Networking Act 6.0

ACT! should not be slow in a multi-user environment... unless very large numbers of users or the server is not sufficient


What server OS?

How much RAM on server?

What else running on server?

Is the server dedicated or is it another user's workstation?

What functions seem slow?

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Re: Networking Act 6.0

It would help if you provided more information like:


- Version of Act

- Number of Records in the database

- Specs/info on the client PCs

- What type of server? 


We have run Act on clients ranging from Windows 98 to 2000 to Windows XP, and with the data directories located on a Windows NT, Windows 2003, and even Linux server - without any of the issues you describe.


Luis Rodrigues