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Missing some records when importing DBase IV file

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Missing some records when importing DBase IV file

Every week I importing about 2300 contact records from a DBase IV dbf file that I manage using Lotus Approach into my ACT! 6.0.3 database. I am experiencing two problems:


1. During the import, about 50 contact records are dropped from the database.

2. The first contact record for a single individual is duplicated 33 times when it is imported


Solutions I have tried:

I have tried compressing/reindexing the file in Lotus Approach before importing the dbf

file.  I also delete all records in ACT! and compress/reindex both before and after the import.   This has not helped.


I have tried exporting the file as a txt file from Lotus Approach and importing into ACT! as txt file and I still am getting the same 2 problems.


Any help that people can suggest is appreciated. 

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Re: Missing some records when importing DBase IV file

Are you trying to import all new records - if so, try turning off duplicate chaecking before the import.


Or, are you trying to update existing records?

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Re: Missing some records when importing DBase IV file

Thank you very much for taking the time to reply. :smileyhappy:


After several hours of trying everything including turning off duplicates checking, it turns out that the ACT! database file was probably corrupted.

I tried importing into a newly created database and had no problem getting all the records in on the first try.  Since I use ACT primarily to export contacts to my Outlook program it wasn't a problem for me to delete the old database and start new.  It is disconcerting that the file was corrupted because this makes me wary of relying on ACT as my primary contact manager (as opposed to Outlook which I am currently stuck with because this is what syncs most easily with my Blackberry). Besides deleting the old file and starting new again is there anything else that I could have done to fix a corrupt database file?  As I mented


FYI one of the other signs that the database was corrupt (besides the 50 or so missing records) was that it insisted on making 33 copies of one of the contacts in the database.  So anyway, maybe someday one of the other readers on this board will be saved some pain and suffering by using this tip to try importing into a brand new database.


I very much appreciate that you and others are so generous to help the rest of us.