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Mail Merge

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Mail Merge

Using Act as Word Processor -


When mail merging and there isn't anything to go in that field, it is suppose to close the space up -- it use to work.  Now leaves spaces like I am double spacing.  If there is not a company name, still leaves a blank line.  I have checked each line to make sure end of line is really end of line and no spaces hanging out there -- what else could it be?


Looks like this






City, State, Zip


Should not have spaces between lines.



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Re: Mail Merge

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I'm having the same problem in print. I'm trying to print some postcards and the salutation in the message is on the same line as the contact in the address. Depending on the length of the salutation it moves the contact so that the contact and the address below it doesn't line up. Any suggestions? Also as the poster above said if for example an address has only 2 lines instaed of 3 the gap doesn't close up.