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Macors missing

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Macors missing

We are still using Act! 6 under XP. Will move forward soon but for the moment it still fits our needs.

However, suddenly we noticed that one macro that had it's own icon in the menu bar did not work anymore.
It made the first few steps and then got stuck and stopped in the middle. We then had to do the remaining steps ourself manualy.

Investigation showed that ACT! does not show any macro's anymore. Although they are still at the same place.

The settings in ACT! do point to the right folder.

We have full access rights to the folder with Macros and nothing has changed on that level.

We did not install anything or change anything. It just stopped showing Macro's.
At first it helped to change the name of all Macro files in CAPITALS. We could use ther renamed ones then but even that does not work anymore.
When we restore Macros from a backup of some time ago, ACT! sees these again. But they run in the same bad way. Only half.


When we make a new one by recording clicks and drages, it works. But does not run all the way every time. But at least it stays....

Any comments or suggestions?

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Re: Macors missing

The macros in ACT! 3-6 were very unreliable. Thei was especially true of any macro that used mouse clicks and or drags. Mouse clicks and drags actually recorded the pixal address of the click or drag and macros that included them would eventually fail. Another issue was there was no delay between playback steps. A troubleshooting tip was to run the macro at recorded speed and if it ran properly then the problem was playback timing. There was no fix for that issue.

Roy Laudenslager
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