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Losing My Act 6.0 Database

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Losing My Act 6.0 Database

I'm not sure how, but all my contacts in ACT 6.0 were deleted.  I initially managed to get them back, and subsequently backed up the file using the back up function within ACT, but now when I try to open ACT, my contacts are gone and I only have access to the demo version.

There is a file on my desktop that looks like a ZIP file.   Is that the file that was created when I backed up my contacts?  If so, how do I use that file to put all my contacts back into ACT to start using it again?  I want to bring over all fields - notes, activity, personal, etc. 


PLEASE HELP.  Had over 600 contacts with LOTS of data attached.  PLEASE HELP.

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Re: Losing My Act 6.0 Database

Hello Duby,

Welcome to the ACT! Online Community!


You can determine if your zip file is the backup up or not by double clicking on the zip file to view it's contents. You will see numerous files with your database name as the prefix.


Assuming the zip file you have located is your backup, here is an article with instructions for restoring the backup of your database: KB Article 10847


I recommend restoring it to a new name, so that the original database is left intact.

Greg Martin
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Re: Losing My Act 6.0 Database

With ACT! 6.0, it is possible to undelete contacts, but can have problems with linked info.

If the backup is good but old, it may be possible to merge the later info from the damaged one after undeleting into the backup