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List Contacts Based On Sales History ACT 2000

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List Contacts Based On Sales History ACT 2000



We are trying to put together a yearly mailer as a thank you for our previous customers. We have kept lists in excel in the past for this but I am curious about using ACT. I want to enter the information into the sales/opportunities tab for each of our customer's. This obviously long task ahead, I want to verify how/if I can get it to work the way I want. So for each customer, I'd fill in all the fields and set the stage to closed/won.


Supposing I sold windows & doors only, and for product I'd put "Window" or "Door" and for type I'd put "2-Pane","4-Pane", etc.


Is there a way to later go back and list all my contacts who ordered a "Window" that was "4-Pane" closed after "xx/xx/xxxx" date?

Once I get this list can I set up a way to make a batch print-out for each customer that will have all the stored info. on what they ordered and their mailing address, etc.?


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Re: List Contacts Based On Sales History ACT 2000

I do not believe there is a way to do this in ACT 2000 but can definately be done in later versions of ACT!

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