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Installing ACT 6! on Windows 10

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Re: Installing ACT 6! on Windows 10

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To Carl and ch1p,


Thanks guys for your prompt responses. I have to admit I haven't followed the possibilities of the upgrade paths from V6 to the very latest version of 20.1 (!)  since my nightmare attempt to upgrade from 6 to version 7 back in the day. I worked with an ACT consultant for a short while here in Australia. The try to V7 was an unmitigated disaster or would certainly have been if I didn't have a fresh backup prior to the attempt. I was so scared to try it on later versions I swore I never would again. The consultant talked me around and, long story short, I tried to upgrade version 8, then 9 and lastly 10 but they all ended badly. Generally, in all attempts, the templates that I burned the midnight oil to create were splattered, lost and corrupted all across the shop during each attempt. Nothing could bring them back. This is the part where I intimated in my first post that I was mind-boggled that the upgrade facility/capability was totally either untested, unfinished or just a bad bit of software at the end of the day.


So, I 100% lost my faith in anything that was 'ACT!' after my hallowed Version 6. I had WANTED to upgrade, as I like the latest and best. I tried 3 times with 3 different version updates. We tried clean installs AND 'in-situ' conversions (from memory). I do recall this consultant had my best interests at heart and really did seem to know what he was doing and came highly recommended from a few trusted colleagues. Even he could not come anywhere near a smooth upgrade for me. I looked at my poor ancient version 6 after the final fiasco and said "well, look . . she ain't broken, what the heck am I trying to fix?". My ACT! consultant had no choice but to agree and we parted company the nest of mates with a smile. It is about as good as that situation could have ended.


I noiw read links here on this forum that go into issues even the latest version has with SQL servers (I'm sure they're important things but my Ver6 is happy without them) and the nightmares for business owners due to this SQL demon thing. Complications business owner simply do not need.  The more things change the more they stay the same, it seems, since version 7.


I do look forward to running ol' faithful version 6 on Win10 when I have the new hyper-machine created with a lovely new Skylake i9 CPU, X299 motherboard, 64GB RAM with 8GB GPU. I do a lot of 4K video editing so this will be great. She'll scream like a Banshee with ACT! 6 riding in the saddle giving her master no blue screens, error messages, freezes or corruptions - all of which I read were and still are plentiful in versions 7 through 17. That's the plan, anyway. Can't say what versions 18 thru 20.1 has been like as I've not paid attention but with the bulletin I read today on SQL and Win10 on Ver 20.1 I have no doubt I'm safer and more sane staying with ol' faithful V6 who has never, ever let me down. 


Cheers guys. Good luck, I hope 20.1 onward develops well as a truly trouble-free and functioning modern version of ACT! would indeed be a wonderful creation. I wonder what version that creature will be? I'll report back with the good and/or bad news in a few months when I get the uber-computer and Win10 percolating with ver 6. - Brian.

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Re: Installing ACT 6! on Windows 10

I cannot find the v6 setup files either.  I have an old Backup from V6 that I need to upgrade to v20.  I can't restore it in V20, so the KB Notes said to get the v6 trial and Restore it in V6. When I download the trial, I get the executable,  I click on EXE, and it unpacks. That's it.  Where are the files unpacked to.  OS 8.1