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Installing ACT! 6.0 (Moving Servers)

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Installing ACT! 6.0 (Moving Servers)




I have a client that has a very old version of ACT! (6.0) installed on their present Win2K server.  It's a single server environment (i.e. they're a small shop that has everything installed on their domain controller).  Anyway, I'm replacing their server for them, and I'm putting on Win2K8 (32 bit version) on the new server.


Can someone tell me how to install ACT! 6.0 on the new server and to get the data over from the old server (is it a simply copy of the data?).










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Re: Installing ACT! 6.0 (Moving Servers)

ACT! 6 has not been tested on Win2K8 and will likely have problems running there. The ACT! 6 database could be hosted on the server because it is file based and the ACT! 6 program be run from each workstation provided the workstations are XP and not Vista. I suspect that an upgrade to ACT! 2009 is in order.
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