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How to get back the Original ACT 6.0 Layout

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How to get back the Original ACT 6.0 Layout



I am familiar with ACT however now I'm working in a new company where I have gained responsibility to make ACT efficient in the small company. They have one database with all the client information.


However, the person working before me changed the layout several times over (as the managers wanted to customize the fields they needed and wanted to remove what they didn't need). I don't think any of the original layouts are saved as of now as each one has been modified in one way or the other, also many fields seem to be missing from the 'define fields'. As far as I know that's not a good idea! but I don't know how to get it back. I've been working on this for a couple of days now with new glitches arising everyday.


My question -  Is there a way to reinstall ACT and get everything back in the original format so that I can customize the layout without deleting anything and without trying to solve all the various glitches that keep coming up?




Is there an easier way to just get one original layout that i can work on?




is there a way to get fields and tabs back?


Your help is much appreciated. I've got deadlines and I seem to be stuck on repairing this whole thing! Smiley Indifferent



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Re: How to get back the Original ACT 6.0 Layout

While you can restore the layout from the install CD, you will then lose the links to the fields in the current database.


If you really want to start from scratch, the best way would be to build a new database, add the fields you need, design the layouts and bring the data from the current database into it.