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How do I delete a sync user

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How do I delete a sync user

I have about 4 sync users that I have either deleted or renamed (to make more obvious).

I want to clean them out of the Sync setup and replace with the current name, but it remains a mystery as to how to accomplish this.

I can select the new names and add them to the list but I would like to clean the old ones out first.


I don't have a problem with direct access to files or the registry.

I can't find any reference in the registry.

I have found reference to the names in various files (.ABC, .BLB, .DBF).

The names do not exist in the database - except maybe as deleted or changed contact names.

Is there a way to purge deleted/changed records? I have run an actdiag scan & repair.



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Re: How do I delete a sync user

Changing a sync setup (adding or removing sync users) seldom worked in ACT! 3-6 unless the initial sync setup was very clean. The best bet is to start over with a clean version of the database and resetup the synchronization. Here are the numbers of knowledge base documents on sync setup. 11647, 11979 and 11740


Synchronization is easier to setup and maintain with ACT! 2013.

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