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Hope some one can help!!

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Hope some one can help!!



I really hope some one can help!!


I have just started to use ACT Version 6


I have an online business and at the moment i am just using it to store customer addresses and email addresses so that i am able to do some mail shots.


That bits fine but i am having trouble recording a sale date.


For instance i may have a customer who i enter onto the database, they then buy from me again and i just wanted to record a sale date. I dont need to record a sales value and as its an online retail business there is no sales process ie telephone information records/notes etc!


The reason I would like to record a sales date is so that i can see when people buy and also when people repeat order from me i am able to generate a mailshot targeted to this audience.


I have just spent the afternoon looking at it and im sure its just a simple process but i just cant seem to work it out!!


Any help would be much appreciated.!!

Kind regards


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Re: Hope some one can help!!

Helen I would suggest there are 2 ways you can record this information


a) Not preferred - Use the Last Results field to record the sale information and you will find that this is automatically put into history with the date.


b) Preferred - Use Record History (Ctrl H) and in here you could record as a to-do and the details of the sale and again it will go into history.


The reason I suggest (b) is if you move to a later version all of the existing history will still be in the same place and there are then further options available.

Paul Buchtmann Australia
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Re: Hope some one can help!!

Thank you so much Paul for your help! Kind regards Helen

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