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Fail restoring an ACT! V6.0 zip backup to a new PC

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Fail restoring an ACT! V6.0 zip backup to a new PC

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I'm a longtime ACT fan and was able to run Ver6 on a Win8 machine for many years. I'm in sales and was using it as a one person CRM for customer data info retention, loved it. While holding off receiving a new Win10 laptop I left the company recently, and performed a zip backup file. I'm now unable to restore it to an older notebook running XP, a Win10 PC is unsuccessful as well, even though ACT V6 is running nicely with the demo DB on both. There is no "RESTORE AS" on V6. I receive one error message" An unknown error has caused ACT! to shut down. You will lose any unsaved data". On the WIn10 PC it provides no error feedback.


Is there anything in the zip LGWO, BackupStageManifest, or SupplementalAbruption files I can look at for clues?  My ultimate goal once loaded back into V6 is to perform A CSV export and use for ACT365 import. Any help or direction to someone that can assist would be much appreciated!


Note: I have 4500+ contacts.



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Re: Fail restoring an ACT! V6.0 zip backup to a new PC

Much of the legacy support was discontinued in Windows 10. Because parts of ACT! 6 dates back to ACT! 3 which was designed to run on Windows 95, it's likely that some missing legacy item that's no longer available is causing your problem.
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