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Email Signature Help

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Email Signature Help

I'm using ACT 6.0 and Outlook 2000. I use Outlook as my email in Act. If I send an email from Outlook, the signature makes it fine and is seen by the receiver as sent. If I send an email out of Act, the signature looks fine when I'm composing, but when it is received, the font has all been changed to a single font size and has been tripled spaced.


For example, going out it looks like this:


Joe Smith, CFP®, CPM, RFC
Director of Financial Services 
Joe Smith Planning 
1111 N. Joe Smith Road 
Smith, CA 11111
111-111-1111   phone 
222-222-2222   fax



The receiver sees this


Joe Smith, CFP®, CPM, RFC



Director of Financial Services



Joe Smith Planning



1111 N. Joe Smith Road


Smith, CA 1111


111-111-1111 phone


222-222-2222 fax


I've tried using the signature from within Act and from word and from Outlook. I've tried HTML - though I'm not 100% sure I'm doing it right. Nothing seems to help.