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Database Corruption? Please help me

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Database Corruption? Please help me

Hi everyone,


I am a novice when it comes to ACT!. I know not much at all. I started a thread before but wanted to start another one. Maybe to have this thread move in a little bit of a different direction.


I am running ACT 6.02.720. It is on a network between 4 computers. Just to go over the basics of my issue again. To my knowledge all 4 computers OS are Windows XP Professional. I do most of the data input so I receive the most error messages. But the other employees receive it as well sometimes.


ACT seems to be hanging alot. It's in the bottom section of ACT where you insert notes/history, activity, sales, ect.

Most times when I click "new contact" or "contact list" the previous information will hang for a good 5 or 6 seconds while the top section instantly changes


When I insert notes, very often for no reason I will receive a unknown user message and the information I input dissapears. The message will eventually resolve itself and the information will reappear or ACT will receive a fatal message from Microsoft and the program will crash.


I've been noticing alot of information that I have spent alot of time on will for some reason not backup and I have to reinput the information.


Someone mentioned that  I have run into the limitations of the ACT! 6 database structure. To resolve that problem you would need to either purge the older Notes and History or upgrade to the present version of the ACT! program. My company needs all the information that is in ACT. We cannot purge/delete any information. All information is important.


Since being told the update function in ACT! 6.0 went to Symantec servers that are no-longer available.

You can download the current patches from


My version of ACT says it has no internet connection. How do I fix this problem? I wish to upgrade. I have a check mark next to enable ACT! Internet services


Another poster stated it sounds like you have some database corruption and possibly some network problems.
As I said, I'd start with updating to 6.03 and running database repairs to see if that helps.... but make sure you have a good backup first.
If not sure about those things, I'd get an ACT! Consultant to help you out



Now if my ACT! won't connect to the internet (which is weird because it works on the network) how can I upgrade. Would the database repairs be in the ACT manual book?

When I backup do you mean back everything up on a flash disk drive?

I have to figure this out by myself because we don't know an ACT! consultant who can help us out







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Re: Database Corruption? Please help me

To get the update to ACT! 6 you don't do that through the ACT! program. Place the address you listed in your internet browser and then download the update file.


Your performance problem is the result of the limitations of the database structure used by ACT! 6. If you must keep all the Notes and History then the only option for better performance is to upgrade to ACT! 2011. The potential for database damage exists it's unlikely the cause of your problems.

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