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Corrupted Database: Special Character found on Header

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Corrupted Database: Special Character found on Header



We encountered today corrupted database on the Act! 6. Basically upon, opening the database on a hex editor, we saw some special characters on the Header of the dbf file? Thus, user who is on the database can continue accessing the database. But New user attempting to log-in can not log-in. Upon removing the special character, the database is again workable and has maintained all changes generated by the users who were loggedin prior to corruption. Has anyone encountered the same scenario? Would toy know the possible reason for the error so that we would not encounter it again.



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Re: Corrupted Database: Special Character found on Header

Data errors happen in a computer all the time when data is moved from disk to RAM and back or over a network. Most of the errors are caught by the error detection circuitry and either resent or corrected by error correction circuitry. However, some do slip through. Most of those that do slip through are unimportant (for example a character error in a word processing document). The one you encountered was more serious. That's the reason that the only real protection is regular and consistent backups. Remember also, if you only have one backup, it may be corrupted also.
Roy Laudenslager
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