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Computer locks up

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Computer locks up

I use ACT running on Windows XP.  I am using Outlook 2003.  Prior to that, I used Outlook Express 2003 as my e-mail utility because ACT said there were issues with Outlok and recommended using another e-mail utility.  I never had problems with this. 

In May I changed from OE to Outlook because I bought an iPhone 3GS, which requires syncing through Outlook.  Woe is me........  I am having real problems now with the computer locking up, particularly when using Adobe Reader to dowload docs.  I believe that this only happens when Outlook and ACT are running in the background.  It has also happened when using IE to download docs while ACT is also open in the background. 

Perhaps he fix is to upgrade ACT and Outlook.  If I do this, I want to avoid the latest versions of both and go with something that is supported and works well together.  Any thoughts?. 



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Re: Computer locks up

How much memory do you have on your computer?  Also, a couple tips to speed up ACT 5 and the contact list view, remove Email address.  On the notes/history tab, make sure everything is checked.  Do not filter the notes/history tab.

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