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Cannot Select Fields for Export- Pls Help

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Cannot Select Fields for Export- Pls Help

I am trying to export my contacts to a text delimited file but when I get to the part of the Wizard that allows one to pick and order the fields to be exported, there are only three fields shown and no way to add more fields.  Any ideas?

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Re: Cannot Select Fields for Export- Pls Help

Have you let the export complete to see what is actually exported?  If it is exporting all fields, you can open the text delimited file in Excel and arrange it as desired.


Try going through the export steps with the Demo database (or create a new database).  If it displays the fields correctly, then the issue lies in your database structure and you may be able to correct it using Database Maintenance steps.

Here is an article for converting a pre-Act! 2005 database to the current version - it contains links to articles for running maintenance on databases in pre-2005 versions of Act!: KB Article 26761.

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Re: Cannot Select Fields for Export- Pls Help

If you can't fix it yourself you should contact an ACT! consultant to help you because the last thing you want to do is lose or misplace data.

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Re: Cannot Select Fields for Export- Pls Help

You might try, from ACTDIAG:
Choose the Reset menu, and click Data Exchange Maps

If the above does not correct the problem, try the following steps.
1 Start Windows Explorer.
2 Switch to the \Act folder.
3 Choose the File menu, point to New, and click Folder.
4 Type MAPS and press the Enter key.
5 Choose the View menu, point to Arrange Icons, and click "by Type."
6 Scroll down and you will notice the Map (.MAP) files are listed together in the right pane.
7 Select all the .MAP files and drag them to the Maps folder you created in step 4.
8 Exit Windows Explorer, and start ACT!
9 Start the process again. All the available fields should appear when importing