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Act 6 on Windows 10 Pro: Look-up / Keyword Search does not appear after clicking on it. Ideas?

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Act 6 on Windows 10 Pro: Look-up / Keyword Search does not appear after clicking on it. Ideas?

Short summary:  After navigating to "lookup" and then clicking keyword, nothing happens.

System restore point seems to have fixed the issue, but unsure if it will be a lasting fix. 


Has anyone had an issue with a recent windows update "breaking"  Act!'s keyword search function or any other function? What should I be checking beyond Windows display settings and windows update.


System Info:  ACT! Build
Database is saved/accessed locally
Windows 10 Pro installed on a desktop with two monitors.
Currently no Microsoft Office/Outlook 


Trouble shooting: Initially I thought that this might be related to the user's dual screen set up. I tried the solutions offered here: Locate by keyword does NOT display window to enter keyword Options

Display settings: It did not appear to solve the issue. I was not able to see the keyword search dialogue window, or any hiding window after adjusting the monitor settings, including switching to duplicate screen and hiding the task bar.


Windows Update: Looking at Microsoft Windows update history on the system,  I saw that there was an update installed around the time that the search function stopped working. The family member could not say for sure when the keyword search stopped working but it was at least the same week as the Microsoft update.

We backed up the act database and then used a windows system restore point to go back to a date before the Windows update and suspended/ paused Microsoft Windows updates for seven days. Act!'s keyword search has worked flawlessly, except for one insident where the keyword search seemed to lag. I am not sure if this means it is in the process of breaking again.


It is possible that using the restore point fixed the issue even if it was not related to windows update. So I am looking for possible issues beyond  windows update.  Windows updates are currently paused while researching this. 


I'm trying to help a family member who has an older copy of Act installed on their desktop. While this is an older application installed on an operating system that it is not technically compatible with, it is used daily with no issues. The family member uses it to keep track of contacts and also keep timestamped notes on phone calls. They also use its dialer feature. They keyword search is integral to them being able to work as they use it to locate notes.


I am also interested in knowing if anyone has migrated to a different system. The user really only needs to manage contacts, keep time stamped notes, and use the dialer, though it would be nice if the email and web fields were hyperlinked to open  their default web browser and email client. 





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Re: Act 6 on Windows 10 Pro: Look-up / Keyword Search does not appear after clicking on it. Ideas?

I am still  trying to investigate solutions on this.