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Act 6 on W7 macros, addons, networking etc ?

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Act 6 on W7 macros, addons, networking etc ?

After 14 years still using Act v 6 I manged to install via the setup.exe method and it is absolutely flying on a Dell 3020 i5 8 gb RAM ssd drive
Crystall reports gives report in 3 seconds on 18k contacts!

Just four questions please if anyone can help

1/ can any get the *.mpr macros working on a Dell keyboard W7 64 bit? and why doesn't it work?

2/ we use the brilliant Contant list Designer but on double click the .exe file it gives the 16 bit error any idea how to solve this as the company are really helpful but Jeff Blood the gentleman who wrote the program has sadly passed away.

3/ has anyone yet found the file that stores the Tools / customise Act contact window info as After all these years I'd love to know where that info is stored.

4/ I'm guessing compress and reindex is fine on a SSD drive, it does work but it wont damage the drive is my query?

thanks in advance


Has anyone sucessfully got two pcs/laptops connected in W7 with Act v6 together reading one *.dbf ie networked?

All macros and addons working on imac 2015 in Yosemite 10 and parralels in xp