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Act 6 License Issue

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Act 6 License Issue

Hi I am new to Act, which we use on XP, and have a license issue I hope someone can help with.


We have 4 users of Act on 4 separate machines. Act is installed on 5 machines.


We have, I am told, over the years re-installed act on new machines as they are replaced.


In the last month we have had to reinstall Act on on the same machine twice.


We now have an issue whereby one machine gives the following message:- "You cannot open this database. There are more users accessing this database than there are licenses. If you need an additional copy etc".


The details button when pressed shows three users. In the "ENGLISH" column it shows 1 against two users and 10 against the third.


I therefore assume we have 10 licenses. We have no packagaing and order etc so I do not know how many licenses we have.


I would be grateful of any help to resolve



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Re: Act 6 License Issue

With everybody out of ACT! delete the LCK and HK5 files for the database.
Roy Laudenslager
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