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Act 2000 Upgrade - Database Conversion Errors??

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Act 2000 Upgrade - Database Conversion Errors??



I am trying to upgrade a really old version of Act (2000) that is used internally in our company. I am having a problem trying to convert the old dbase data. I keep recieveing the following error message when trying to do the upgrade: "Conversion has been halted with the following message: The process cannot access the file 'pre7actdb.adb' because it is being used by another process".


I have read a few other posts with people having the same problem and have tried all of the suggestions but nothing worked. What I don't understand is where this pre7actdb.adb file even exists? What is it and what does it do? Someone in another post mentioned it has to do with file attachments in the database so I looked at some of the records in the old database and a lot of file attachements are paths to network drive's that don't exist and are long gone. Wondering if that is the problem?


I have tried the 'actdiag' diagnostics tool and nothing fixes the error I am getting. Scanned the database and did the database repair and everything checks out in green. Reindexed the database as well.


Any ideas or help would greatly be appreciated!

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Re: Act 2000 Upgrade - Database Conversion Errors??

I would recommend that you contact one of the "old" ACCs in the US, as they might be able to help you. The underlying problem could be a complex one.
Why this recommendation: I'm probably the "last man standing" here in Germany if comes to upgrading ACT 2000 to a newer version...
Andreas Schlesselmann
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