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Act!2000 - Network Installation

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Act!2000 - Network Installation

Hi All,


I am new to Act!

My company has purchased Act!2000 way back. I am the current IT Manager and have been asked to install the software for use of certain teams in my Organization. However I am unable to install the software except for the standalone installation.


What do I have to do to install Act!2000 as a network resource where the team can share the Databases and work together? I need installation instructions to use Act!2000 as a Server with multiple users connected to it as Clients, sharing the same database. Is that possible? If not, what are my options to let everyone share and modify the database for that team?


Any help on this is appreciated. :smileyhappy:



- Soaham 

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Re: Act!2000 - Network Installation

ACT! 2000, of ACT! version 5, was the predecessor to version 6.  You can search the ACT! knowledgebase for articles on sharing a version 6 database and they'll be relevant to your needs.  Here's two articles that apply:


How to setup a multi-user database:


How to share a database on a local area network:


At the bottom of each of the above articles are more links to related articles.


This isn't strictly speaking actually client-server - you're simply sharing the foxpro-like files on a share and every users's 'client' is doing ALL the work.


Good luck!