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ACT6: Export: Redundant CONTACTID

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ACT6: Export: Redundant CONTACTID


I'm using ACT! 6 on Windows XP. Because ACT! 6 doesn't allow to export notes and history i use a tool named Exporter. While exporting the tool shows an error message which says that "The Unigueness of index CONTACTID is violated"... How can it be that there are some double/redundant CONTACTIDs in one ACT!-database? I thought ACT handles its contacts with this CONTACTIDs. And is their a possibility to find out those double/redundant IDs and fix the problem by change the IDs?

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Re: ACT6: Export: Redundant CONTACTID

ACT! 6.0 could sometimes have dumplcate UIDs, and this was common if your database started with ACT! 3.0 or 4.0


I know the guys who do itExport (a competitor to Exporter) had a tool to fix this issue