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ACT! v6.0.3 Internet Mail "network problems" error

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ACT! v6.0.3 Internet Mail "network problems" error

I setup ACT! v6.0.3.979 Internet Mail for and it work perfectly the frst time.  The Internet Mail setup wizard currently reports that it communicates OK with the AOL server.


However, now I get the following error message when I attempt to send email: "A message could not be sent because of network problems. The message has been saved to your Outbox folder and ACT! E-mail has been placed in offline mode."


Not only is ACT! email placed in "offline," but Internet Explorer 8 is also placed in offline mode and won't work until I manually return to online mode.


What can I do to get email functionality with my current setup:


ACT! v6.0.3

Internet Explorer 8

XP Professional v2002 SP3





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Re: ACT! v6.0.3 Internet Mail "network problems" error

When you say that it worked originally, do you mean you were able to successfully send or receive email?  I don't understand how that could ever have worked, because AOL does not use the standard ports for POP3 and STMP - they use 587 instead of 25 for SMTP, and I have no idea what they use for POP3 - they only ever talk about IMAP instead of POP3.


Anyway, ACT! does not let you change ports, and they don't let you specify IMAP in place of POP3, so again, I don't know how you got this working, unless you are using a third-party utility like email2pop that will do the switching for you.  If you are using something like email2pop, then I suggest you contact that vendor.


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Re: ACT! v6.0.3 Internet Mail "network problems" error

You may have a damagaed email account. Try the suggestions listed in this ACT! Knowledge Base article -


Also, ACT! 6.0 is likely to have some issues with IE8