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ACT! v. 6.03 email issue.

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ACT! v. 6.03 email issue.

I'm running ACT v. 6.03 on a PIV processor w/ 512 Mb ram.


It has run well for 4 years, until recently when I've had problems with Internet Mail and some incoming messages appearing blank. These messages are from legitimate senders, I can go to my "Webmail" function on internet explorer and read them there, but the same messages are blank in ACT email.


I've tried reinstalling the program and the version update but to no avail. It's a real annoyance.


I've considered a program upgrade to 2008 or 2009, but in my mind there's no point to doing that until I upgrade my hardware to a faster processor and more ram, as I understand the new versions of ACT! will only bog my current machine down.


If anyone can make any suggestions, It would be appreciated.

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Re: ACT! v. 6.03 email issue.

I assume yoiua re using the Act! email and not Outlook?  


I had the same problems when 6.0x suddenly went funny.  Odd that it happened to me very soon after ACT! stopped supporting the product. Hmmm... I upgraded to 9.0 and fought that version for years.  Just upgraded to 11.0;  which still lacks the joy of 6.0x.


Software developers nowdays must get paid by the compexity of the hidden boxes that make us click, and click, and click to do the same things that one click in 6.0 used to do. 


Possible reason for your problem.   If I rmember, ACT! has a file size limit on the email storage.  This is also a problem on 9.0 and may be on 11 too (although they moved it up to 4gb)

I think the file limit was something like 1gb. (pardon my memory lapse... 6.0 was a while ago)


If you are close to, or exceed the file size limit, then odd things begin to happen.

Unfortunately ACT! does not provide an archive mechanism.

Outook has an archive mechanism.


You might look to see the file size, and delete lots of the old stuff.

However, in some businesses, some of that old stuff has to be kept for a long time.


good luck.