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ACT! for Lotus Notes

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ACT! for Lotus Notes

We have a new customer that is wanting to upgrade to ACT! Premium 2010, though, they are currently running ACT! for Lotus Notes (an actual Lotus Notes application).  Thanks to some sample scripts I've found for general Lotus Notes use, I've written some scripts to export out all of the data to prepare to import into a new implementation of ACT! Premium.  Though, one thing not included in my exports were attachments, which I'm now currently trying to wrap my head around getting out (the attachment field in ACT! for Lotus Notes in the client displays icons for files right along side text notes typed in the same field, and all I'm getting is the text).


Has anyone here had experience migrating a customer from ACT! for Lotus Notes to a standalone install of ACT! and perhaps offer some pointers? 

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Re: ACT! for Lotus Notes