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ACT Mail merging help

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ACT Mail merging help

Can someone give me a little bit of advice. We are using ACT 6 and I would like to mail merge html templates between ACT and outlook 2002. We were using act to outlook software produced by personalcrm. I delicensed an old pc and requested a new licence number but have not received a response from this company. I was wondering if there are other programs that could help. If push comes to shove I can upgrade the ACT version if necessary provided the new version is compatable with outlook 2002. Our operating system is windows xp and we are asingle user.

Many thanks 

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Re: ACT Mail merging help

Is there a reason you need to use Outlook?


MergeMaster! can merge HTML emails from ACT! 6.0 directly to an smtp mail server and might be easier for you. It's certainly faster.