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ACT 6.x DBF files to ACT Premium 2009 (11.0)

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ACT 6.x DBF files to ACT Premium 2009 (11.0)

I have a legacy user who saved his .DBF files ect from ACT version 6.x. He did not do a backup or export, just saved the .dbf files.


We don't have ACT version 6.x running anymore.  Is there a utility or procedure that will allow me to extract and import the 6.x contact data into version 2009?



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Re: ACT 6.x DBF files to ACT Premium 2009 (11.0)

ACT! 2009 has a built-in utility to convert ACT! 6.0 databases to ACT! 2009 SQL databases. It's simply a case of opening ACT! 2009, clicking 'Open database' and changing the 'Files of Type' drop-down to include DBF files.


However, when you say "saved his DBF files etc"... the "etc" may be important here. Each ACT! database includes a DBF file but also a number of other files which will be needed for sucessful conversion. Hopefully these are the "etc" files to which you refer and you have them all.


You'll also need a user name and password that gains access to the ACT! 6.0 database to carry out the conversion as well.


Follow this KBA for specific instructions.

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Re: ACT 6.x DBF files to ACT Premium 2009 (11.0)

If the old database needs any repair, you can also download the ACT! 6.0 30-day trail from this ACT! Knowledge Base article -


But, as was pointed out, you need all the files that made up the database, not just the DBF. If you only have the DBF, you can get the contacts, but not their email addresses, notes, histories, etc