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ACT 6 to ACT 11 ?

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ACT 6 to ACT 11 ?

I've been an act user since it was first developed (20 yrs ago ?). I've made a few upgrades over the years, but was stimede with the 2005 upgrade purchase (extremely slow with lots of bugs). It was so bad that I reverted back to ver 6 which I'm still running to this day with 6,800+ contacts.


Been demoing the 2011 ver and was looking for some feedback for those that have road the wave. It appears powerful with lots of new features, but significantly slower. I've made the technology upgrade mistake more than I'd like to admit (upgrading only to find that you need to upgrade your entire system to make it work properly ...), but I'm a kid at heart and like all the new flavors of candy (features) that are offered.



  • Has the upgrades been worth it ?
  • What features wowed you ?
  • At what point did ACT get there act together with the new platform (SQL) ?

Any comments would be appreciated.


Thank you in advance,


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Re: ACT 6 to ACT 11 ?

I think that now the time is to upgrade provided you have the hardware to support the SQL database (i.e. min 2Gb RAM)


For the upgrade to be successful I suggest you engage a consultant to assist as most have learnt over time there are some tricky areas that you need to be aware of during the upgrade especially from ver 6. I generally do it is a two step process of going to version 8 and then to version 13 (2011)


The major features I think are worth the upgrade are:


Outlook integration has been quite good since version 11

The Opportunity area is greatly improved since version 6

While the SQL version is slower to open many search functions are much better in version 2011

The ability to change the field types is much improved since version 6

The integration with Office is much improved from version 6 and well worth the upgrade



Overall the upgrade has been worth it for most of my clients although I still have a couple on version 6 because they are still running XP systems with less than 2Gb of RAM

Paul Buchtmann Australia
Australia's First ACT Consultant (1989)

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