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ACT 6 database repair

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Re: ACT 6 database repair

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Many thanks David - you're a scholar and a gentleman! Cheers, Brian. . . .P.S: FYI, I'm running my ACT! v6 on Win7 Pro and it runs like a charm. I'm a real 'holdout' and believe "if somethin' ain't broke don't fix it" as they say in the hills. Consequently I'm probably going to be on Win7 until they take me out in a box. The Win 10 circus still hasn't finished all it's nonsense and may not for a while. I like stability with my client database and won't take risks with it. Win 7 and ACT6 seem to have been 'made for each other' believe it or not! runs smoother in it than it did on XP Pro. I have no patience for Microsoft's built-in obsolescence. I'm also too time poor, old, fat and ugly to set up and adapt to the current ACT! - as pretty and as powerful it as it looks. Thanks again David - may your bytes be mega ones.

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Re: ACT 6 database repair

Hi Brian,


What an accolade! Many thanks and I'm just doing my job.I love Act! and my partner has promised to bury me with a copy to keep me in touch beyond the grave with my Samsung Smartphone!


Very best wishes,



David Shaw
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Re: ACT 6 database repair PLEASE HELP!

I have no idea how she did it but my admins tool bars are both gone in ACT. I've tried right clicking to check a box to display them but nothing shows up. I'm at a loss, please help. I have attached a picture, both tool bars are missing. 

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Re: ACT 6 database repair PLEASE HELP!

Use the resets in ACTDiag to se if that restores them.
Roy Laudenslager
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