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ACT! 6 ,Windows XP Pro and Outlook 2003

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ACT! 6 ,Windows XP Pro and Outlook 2003

We use ACT! 6.0 in a Windows XP Pro (SP3) environment with Outlook 2003.  I have just installed ACT on a new PC on our LAN.  It works well except with the INTERNET.  If I try to have ACT access the internet (COMCAST Cable - always on - always very fast) it gives a message that it "cannot access the internet - check settings or start browser and try again".  The settings are fine and starting the browser and retrying does nothing.  Because of this, I could not register online, even though the license is good.


When I try to select Outlook for the E-Mail setup, it tells me "this version of Outlook is not supported by this version of ACT - Update to Outlook 97 or later". 


I don't seem to have these problems on any of the other PCs.  Any ideas??

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Re: ACT! 6 ,Windows XP Pro and Outlook 2003

My guess is that you are using Norton antivirus or system works. If so the fix is to uninstall both ACT! 6 and Norton, restart the computer and then reinstall ACT! first and open ACT! 6 at least once and then reinstall Norton. Norton now blocks registry keys critical to the full installation of ACT! 6. If ACT! 6 is install first, everything should work.


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