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ACT! 6.0 I have a few questions . . .

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ACT! 6.0 I have a few questions . . .

I am running ACT! on a server using Windows 8.1 and use Outlook from MS Office Pro 2013 and access it over the network and am not the admin. I am gathering info to present to the admin . . . 


1. I can't access the word processor. Did anyone ever figure out how to fix this? I saw some posts but I wasn't clear on how to fix it. 


2. I can't open help and apparently I need an add-in for Windows 8.1. I think this is more of an IT/admin problem than for this forum. Without Help and only the user guide to assist me, I am limited in what I can do to solve problems on my own. 


3. When I send an email, it only records a note in the notes field using the subject line of the email. I woudl like to automatically save the body of the email in this note field as well. Can that be done or do I have to just cut and paste or is it more eloquent than that using the email system better? 


4. I am the new sales guy and want to call everyone in the database. How can I create a task for every contact in the database so that I can pull up my Task List and see all the calls I need to make (about 2000) and as I call people I complete the task and only the uncalled people show up on the task list unless I add an additional task for them individually as I talk to them. The work around is to export the list to excell with name, company and phone number then look up each person individually in ACT! and cross them off the Excel list as I call them. 

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Re: ACT! 6.0 I have a few questions . . .

UPSers is not only exclusive but is strictly limited to every vendor or employee who is a part of the upsers Logistics Company. It is extensive and is very informative for all the employees.