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ACT 4 Sync Problem

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ACT 4 Sync Problem

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We are having a synchronization problem with ACT 4.0.

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There are 5 users syncing files with a main database.  Each user has a database on their computer.  The syncs work fine for 4 users, but the 5th is having problems.


The main database will not take sync files in from this user.  This user’s database will not accept files from the main database.  The error message is “a synchronization packet created by this database was found and put in the briefcase”.  The sync file sent to this user stays in the incoming folder on his computer.  The file send by him stays in the incoming folder on the main database.


All the sync settings have been checked and they are the same as the other users, whose synchronization works fine.


Does anyone have any ideas on what may be wrong?

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Re: ACT 4 Sync Problem

Yes. Synchronization was not set up correct and they have a copy of the main database and it has the same database ID at the main database and therefore thinks that the remote had created the sync packet.
Roy Laudenslager
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Re: ACT 4 Sync Problem

Thanks for getting back to me.  Do you know how to correct this?
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