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ACT 2003 slow network

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ACT 2003 slow network

Hope one of you longtime ACT users can help me. We have ACT 2003 Build Three workstations and database on an XP machine acting as a server. Two of the workstations are very slow when we first open ACT. It hangs and Task Manager shows ACT Not Responding. After 45 seconds we can use it. But until we open the task list and the monthly calendar it does the same thing. Nothing happens on screen, we get the hourglass, and Not Responding in Task Manager. Once we have opened both the Task Manager and the Monthly View of the calendar all is well.


PS Yes we would like to upgrade but this is corporate app and the corp doesn't want to upgrade because they have all their templates built on this version.


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Re: ACT 2003 slow network

Try making a copy of the database and moving it to the problem system. If ACT! is dramatically faster when connecting to the database locally, then the problem is with the network, not the ACT! program.
Roy Laudenslager
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