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ACT 2000

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ACT 2000



Having used ACT 2000 quite happily for over 10 years, before I updated my notebook computer to WIN 7, I checked I had:


ACT box; ACT Authorised CD; ACT Manual; ACT Registraion label on bottom of box.


A back-up of my data was made and I thought I was OK - Wrong

On trying to reload the ACT 2000 on the WIN 7 system I am asked for a 23 digit reference before I move on.


HELP, what is this,  I thought I had all the relevent items for reloading.


  • There is a ACT 2000 reference on the label - not that
  • A 15 digit numeric reference on the label - not that
  • a 12 digit reference on centre of CD - not that
  • A bar code - still not that

I have tried the SAGE & ACT help line, very helpful except there is no one about who has any information whatsoever about the log in structure for the ACT 2000


Is there anyone out there who understands the dilemma I am going through, All I want is to reload my existing back-up file. Unfortunately I am at an age where I cannot justify the purchase of a new ACT program, in the last 10 years since retiring, I only use the programm for the infrequent search of several thousand contacts I have gathered over the last 50 years


Any advoice or help appreciated


Many thanks


My ref:        Tony Sheil -

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Re: ACT 2000

I understand your dilemma but the only viable answer is to upgrade to the current version of the ACT! program.  ACT! 2000 was designed to run on Windows 98 and was later updated for Windows 2000 and with version 5.0.4 to run on Windows XP. In design there is a big gulf between Windows XP and the later Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. I have seen claims of people getting ACT! 6 to run on Windlws 7 but I don't think I've seen a claim for getting ACT! 2000 to install and run on Windows 7

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Re: ACT 2000

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Re: ACT 2000

Windows 7 includes something called XP mode - it doesn't come installed with Windows 7 - you have to download it.  Here's the link:


I know users who have used it to run software that just wouldn't run under Windows 7 - you might give it a try.

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Re: ACT 2000

The key would look like: xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx
It was usually stuck on the envelope that the CD was in
Do you still have access to your old system? Possible to get the key from there