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ACT 2000 hangs after password prompt

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ACT 2000 hangs after password prompt

Hello everyone!


This is a rather sudden problem that sprung up today with nothing out of the ordinary happening [as far as I've been told]. Upon attempting to set up a user with access to another database, upon trying to open the new one, it simply hangs after the password prompt. I kill the process and attempt to connect to the old one with the same result. I figured it might be a network issue [which, if it were, I'd be in deep doo-doo], but I left it on for 15 minutes with no change to the hang/freeze.


Upon clicking OK, a window within ACT appears to try to open; I see the name of the DB and a part of a scrollbar, but that's it.


Any clues would be fantastic!

BTW: as a side note and from my experience, this community for solving ACT's issues is WORLDS better than experts exchange. Thought I'd let you mods know Smiley Happy