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web access

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web access

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I installed act 2013 primium on my office computer running my main database called abc

I created a sync set called xyz  and sent to my server running 2013 primium web access.

When I access xyz through the web  no problem.

If I try to access abc it doesn't work. the logon page where it usually says Type your username and password, and then click Log on.

I see \\SAL-PC\abc-database files. and nothing else happens


In web site administration I put both pab files in there. And If I log into act from my server using the ABC pab file I do have access to the database but still not through internet...


I also did a testDB from web site sdministration, add/remove database and both test OK.


I want to do this so I don't have to use the xyz databse and constantly sync to my abc databse. I did set up auto sync every hour but rather it would be live...




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Re: web access

Make sure the database shared.  You should be able to open it without issue from the web server.


Unless your database is on a laptop that isnt going to be there all the tiem, it might be an unnecessary step to even sync at all.  Why not just open the master database from the web server?

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