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w3we.exe memory hog

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w3we.exe memory hog

Hi,  I have Act! v2009 running on a Windows Server 2003 64bit version.  I don't know why, but it has decided to stress my cpu my constantly running the process w3wp.exe at over 90%, even when no-one is using Act!


I have removed all other web sites, and Sharepoint, reinstalled IIs and then reinstalled Act!  It still does it.  I have the very latest updates for the server, including SP1. I've seen the Act referral blaming MS, but no other web site does this.


It is making Act an unusable product over the web, and trashing my server.


Can anyone help, please?  this has wasted so much time, I'm now having to look for alternative systems...


Thank you 



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Re: w3we.exe memory hog

Have you seen


Are you trying to run ACT! for Web?


If so, 64-bit Windows must have IIS configured for 32-bit emulation and must have ASP.NET configured to 32-bit mode.


If not trying to run ACT! for Web, the w3we won't have anything to do with ACT!.


You might try finding which IIS application pool is causing it:

Then you can determine the cause.


You can edit the vitrual folders for APFW (if running ACT1 for Web) to use a different App Pool (I create and use APFW as an app pool rather than the default). Then you'll know if it might be related to the issue