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v16 ACT! Remote Database Back up

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v16 ACT! Remote Database Back up

I am attempting to Back Up a remote database in v16 Act 2014. However, the option to back up in the remote database (under main menu file then back up) is grayed out. Any suggestions on why this would be?
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Re: v16 ACT! Remote Database Back up



If you are not an administrator in Act!, you will not have the rights to make a backup of Act!

However, if you stop the SQL, you can copy the database to another location.


Daniel Dendooven
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Re: v16 ACT! Remote Database Back up

I can successfully backup an Act! v15 Remote database. Has this then changed with v16?

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Re: v16 ACT! Remote Database Back up

Daniel is right, if the user is not an administrator, then the backup option will be greyed out.  This is true for previous versions as well, and not something new in V16.


Making a copy of the .ADF & .ALF files after temporarily stoping the SQL instance is a good alternative.

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Re: v16 ACT! Remote Database Back up

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You need to have the option "Remote administration"  enabled  for your user record on the Publisher database via Tools -> Manage Users double click on your user record and then in the Add Permissions section of your user options add the  "Remote administration" in to the Added Permissions area. This needs to be done by your Database Administrator.

Synchronise after the above has been done, logout of ACT! and then log back in, you will now have the backup database option enabled.