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undo replace field

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undo replace field

Accidentally, I replaced a field on my "lookup all". Newbie mistake (ok I should know better). I pushed cancel but it already changed 200+. I am on a remote db and have not synched. Can the old info be restored?

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Re: undo replace field

No and if you sync the host will be modified.

Roy Laudenslager
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Re: undo replace field

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Hello larrys,


There are two ways of doing this.


  1. Delete your remote database, create new remote from Master database. This will only be an option if you haven't made any other changes, as these will be lost.
  2. If you have made changes to your remote database that are important and cannot be deleted then do the following:
  • From the Master database, export the entire contact list to excel in csv format. The fields you must export are the default duplicate checking fields with the field that was accidentally modified, which are: Contact, Company, Phone and the field you changed.
  • Once this is done send the excel spreasheet over to the remote and this is where we import it.
  • On the first page select "Text - Separated by commas" and locate the contact sheet that we just exported from the master.
  • Then do a custom import and map the fields, make sure you map the field that was changed.
  • This is important. When you get to the "Specify Merge Options" page, be sure to click on the Contact button (picture below).specify merge options.PNG
  • Then the "Contact Merge Options" will pop up. Where the Contact is found and matches select Merge. If the Contact cannot be found > Do Not Add. This is important if your remote is associated with sync sets.

specify merge options 2.PNG


  • Follow the wizard through to the end and import the list. This will replace every Contact found on these 4 fields (It will not create contacts that can't be found in the remote database). 
  • The next sync that takes place will be a big one as you are essentially updating every contact in the database.


If you have any problems, I have no objection to you sending me an email. Good luck.



Sam Keith
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Re: undo replace field

Thanks for the responses. I had this fantasy that there was a magic "undo" button (lnot a bad idea - something like "control z"). Since it was only 209 contacts, I had another user export his db to excel and I modified these manually. The instructions shared by Skieth would have worked better, I have no doubt. Thanks guys!

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