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there are not enough licenses in this database

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there are not enough licenses in this database

We have 11 ACT 2009 Premium licenses.


At the time I created a new remote database for a new user, we had about 14 users, 11 of which were active.


I created a new user, sync set and remote database for the user on the PC hosting the master database.


I then installed ACT to a new PC, updated ACT to current version of master database.


I copied the newly creted Remote Database to the new PC and double-clicked to unpack and test integrity.


When I tried to load the database I just unpacked, I get the error "there are not enough licenses in this database".

I went back to the master database server, and deactivated enough users so that only 10 licenses were in use (leaving 1 available), however there was no change at the new PC. Same error.


Also I noticed that on the server with the master database, for users, the new user login status is still "Active- Pending".


What am I missing?


Any insight greatly appreciated.


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Re: there are not enough licenses in this database

Can you log into the remote database as the admin user?

Then you should be able to make the modifications in manage users directly in that database.

Any changes you have made to users in the main database will not get carried over until you successfully sync.

Rita Kogstad
RKA Associates
Stamford, CT