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sync issues

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sync issues



I have been having issues regarding the sync process ever since I have started.  Dozens of support calls and countless attempts to try to get this working with almost no sucsess.  I have to client computers running act premium 2013 and they are trying to sync with the server computer that is running act premium 2013.  Always I get the error that the syncronization failed due to a server time out.  Or exchange of watermarks have failed.  If someone could fixed this that would be a real help.  Or I think if this never works we should just try somethibng else.




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Re: sync issues

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Hi James, specifics about the systems and the issue would be helpful.


for example, information that could help includes:

  • what version of Act! 2013 are the users/server running? Pro or Premium?
  • what is the version number of Act! that the users/server are running? if it is different then this will cause sync issues.
  • has this sync worked previously?
  • If so, what changes have been made between when it was working and when it stopped? installed new software or antivirus? upated windows? changed network configuration?
  • what is the exact wording of the error messages? Can you provide Screenshots of the errors?
  • Have you tried searching the Error message on
  • what troubleshooting steps have you tried so far?
  • are there other users that are syncing successfully?

The more detail you can provide, the easier it will be for others to offer support.


Hope this helps





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Re: sync issues

1. act premium

2. Yes the sync has worked once or twice.

3.Client has updated windows,  no changes from the server side.

4. Others are having similar problems.


I have not tried swiftpage.

6.  We have tried to cut down on the CPU usage from both ends.  I made sure the time zones are correct.  Sent new databases, that only sync once or twice then they go back to having these issues.  Also a reindexing of the main database many times.