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setting up

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setting up

just starting to set up. here is my issue. im a tradesman. im entering condo and townhome associations. i presume ill list all as companies, contacts listed with their titles. i want to somehow list or attach a management company if they have one to the association. At a later time i will want to generate a list of all associations and their respective management compnies, and or list the management companies with all the associations using them. not sure how to do. im also going to enter management companies individually as companies. HELP! Thanks!

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Re: setting up

I'm going to repeat myself as I just posted to another the below message.  I've been working with ACT for years, and to this very day I'm still learning new things how to use it and work around its limitations.  Hiring an ACC will be able to design what you want to do and not take you in a direction that will cost you time and money undoing half thought out plans.  It's not an insult to those, but the way ACT was built it has lots of new options and power.  If you don't know how ACT/Sage developers expect you to use it your going to post negative comments.


Do yourself a favor invest in having an ACT ACC get your system setup.  This is not an out of the box product because it has grown with so many features and those bugs you run into the ACC will know how to avoid them or find work arounds using 3rd party add-on's.  You won't be wasting money because you will learn what they setup and than maintain it and prevent others doing things that will create problems.  ACT is still cost effective even hiring someone and has a ton of people supporting and developing for it.  Which means you can change ACC if you don't like them or they go away.


I'm posting this because this year and with 2011 coming out the count of users with complaints is rising faster then past years partly because the Forum is easier for more users to access and seeing more people pointing out their frustrations.