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scheduling a conference call with our employees to evaluate using ACT

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scheduling a conference call with our employees to evaluate using ACT

I own ACT 2010 but have never activated it. I purchased it to evaluate its application to my company needs but became distracted by more pressing matters.

Producers, Incorporated is an entertainment agency which represents performing arts attractions. We market the attractions we represent to performing arts presenters internationally. We have managed our operations with a UNIX database program called filePre crafted for our company specifically. It contains detailed data for a large file of potential buyers, a file of records of communications with  active buyers, detailed information of all our attractions, performance venues information, details for all contracted dates, suppliers, and several other support files for our business activities. This database contains a huge amount of data used for our records of communications with buyers as well as the detailed records of all our contracts, including accounting for the financial and performace details of every contract the program generates.

The program, written 30 years ago is not user friendly and cannot interace with today's technology so I am looking at ACT as a possible replacement.

We have 7 agents and clerks who require access at the same time to the system.

I would like to have a phone conference soon with an ACT representative who could explain to our staff how ACT could improve our present procedures and to discuss an application which we could afford.. Is that a possibility?


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Re: scheduling a conference call with our employees to evaluate using ACT

I'll send you a note, We or any consultant are in the business of helping people wrap their business around ACT!  Feel free to contact us.

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